500 km with the solar roof

I cycled 500 kilometers with the solar roof, it’s now time to draw the first conclusions…


Dyneema ligatures : perfect !


No sign of wear or any tension release at the moment. The rope is light enough not to suffer from the road vibrations. First I got afraid by the roof flexibility, amplified by the trike suspensions. But just like the reed it bends but doesn't break in the breeze...

Front junction between the bike and the roof : could do better

There is still work to do. Surprisingly, the trike suspension increases the vertical movements of the roof : the aluminium bars get out of the plastic end-piece some times !!

Dual Lock Velcro : quite good !


Who would have said a simple hook and loop tape could fix the solar panels on the roof ? I even fixed my cell phone and the motor controller with it ! But I still have doubts about what happens under higher temperatures ? 

 Center of gravity : not OK...

Want to try a sharp turn on two wheels ? Adrenaline rush guaranteed... No doubt the batteries must be fixed under the seat, instead of being on top of the luggage rack. And the rear bags must be full. Bernard was right : the roof is not improving anything...


Wind exposition : really, it's good !

50 km/hour on the way down, and I did'nt fly ! Isn't it, Nicolas ? In case of front wind, I have to concede that it get's slower... Nicolas was riding at 65 km/hour when I reached 50 km/h. But below 30 it's fine.

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