A week of live test

We took advantage of the holidays this week and went on a training ride to test our bikes (and us drivers...) in real conditions. Only the weather was slightly different from what we're expecting this Summer (… hopefully): the Sun was not there most of the time.

Our schedule for this test: meeting in Alençon (with Denis coming from Paris and Élise from Rennes) and from there cycling around in Normandy.

Friday, May 1st: after two weeks of intense preparation Denis finally left Limours (Essonne) at 3 p.m.


Denis' trike packed and ready to go at last!
Denis' trike packed and ready to go at last!

"I cycled a few hours in the afternoon, reached Maintenon... and started looking for accommodation. But it turned out to be more complicated than I expected. I asked a few people standing in front of a bar for advice: they were celebrating Emmanuel's 45th birthday. I soon made friends and was offered to sleep at Eric's place for the night! Thank you guys from Maintenon again! And especially Eric for your hospitality!"

Élise could not leave on Friday. She had too much left to do despite the short nights of the previous week.

"I was almost ready at 5 p.m. but I thought I had better have a good night's sleep in Rennes and leave in the morning for a long ride."

Élise' trike on a rainy Saturday morning...
Élise' trike on a rainy Saturday morning...

Saturday, May 2nd: a long and hard day for both of us with 150 kilometers and a continuous and quite heavy rain.

Sunday, May 3d: we meet in Alençon in the morning! And are welcomed with warmth and wonder by the bartender and customers of a nice café downtown (Le Café du Théâtre). Hello to all of you (and little Myrtille, whose ear tips you can glimpse in the bottom of next picture) and thank you again for the coffee!

Monday, May 4th: at the café in Alençon we were recommended to go for a ride around Bagnoles-de-l'Orne. It was a great idea indeed! We're sending this post from a terrace in the town center! We had a wonderful ride yesterday: sunny hills, blooming apple trees, picturesque hilltop villages… Plus batteries were full on arrival!

And today we're heading northeast for Lisieux!

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